Wireless charger: the tech gadget that we can’t do without

What is the object that we have with us at anytime? The smartphone!
Smartphone is the device that we use the most during our days and for this reason it has to be always charged.


So the perfect gadget to gift to your clients and employees is the Wireless charger.


Innovative, handy and unique, the Wireless charger allows you to easily and quickly charge your device, thanks to Qi technology (that is compatible with most of the latest smartphones) that through magnetic induction, produces up to 5W of energy, so you can charge your smartphone easily by putting it on the surface.


ColumbusPromo considers the Wireless charger not as a simple gadget, but like a tasteful object…

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“Plastic Free July”: the eco-friendly products that ColumbusPromo offers to protect the ecosystem

“Plastic Free July” is the initiative that aims to attract interest of people to consume less single-use plastic, so they protect the planet. Indeed, every year, 8m tonnes of plastic end up into oceans, causing terrible damage to sea life, but also to the environment.

Choosing green products as gifts to give to people which take part to your online events or to employees and clients, will be useful to bring value to your corporate environment, so you could concretely contribute to save planet.
ColumbusPromo, always ecosustainability promoter, has selected for you some original design products, in particular mostly plastic free objects like:


Lunch box and mug: it’s made entirely of bamboo fibre and PLA corn, that…

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Fitness kit: the ideal promotional gift that allows you to have gym always handy

The lockdown experience got us used to do some activities into our houses, in particular sport activity. In fact, it’s clear that many people can’t do without a little bit of physical exercise. So, what is a better gift to your clients and employees than a handy customizable kit with all that they need to do some sport activity everywhere?
A handy and elegant drawstring bag with all the tools needed for workout, which you can always carry it with you, during a travel or a break in smart working days.

ColumbusPromo has selected for you any interesting proposals that will allow you to made a perfect kit which will answer your necessities.

Any examples?

A skipping rope…

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Anti contamination gadget: the trend products which useful for coming back to the normality

Finally, we are coming back to the normal life or maybe at the new normality.
During an uncertain moment like this, one thing is clear: we have to try to execute behaviors that contain the diffusion of the contamination.
So, in addition to maintaining social distancing, in fact, it’s important to action many hygienic best practices which have become normal after the experience that we lived.


ColumbusPromo has selected for you any indispensable gadget useful to take on this new period with a calm mood.


Antibacterial pens: with antibacterial barrel, that makes it extremely hygienic and safe to prevent contamination by contact surface. It’s available in different colors and models.


Door opener: useful gadget which…

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The 10 essential gadgets for smart working

The experience we are living has made us that smart working is an effective solution in many situations.
In the coming months we will have to maintain social distancing and therefore smart working will be applied for a long time.
ColumbusPromo has selected the essential gadgets for smart workers, which will allow them to be efficient even when working from home.
First of all, all the tools there are to write down and work, and then post it, notebooks and adhesive whiteboards are fundamental.
Obviously the right amount of energy cannot be missing, therefore cup and thermal bottle, to never be without coffee.
To participate in calls, headphones and earphones are very useful.
To complete the kit usb sticks, pens…

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Christmas gifts

If you still haven’t chosen the Christmas gifts for your customers, don’t worry: with ColumbusPromo is not too late for super customized solutions…

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Leather merchandising

Our accessories say a lot about us. We can distinguish a person’s taste from small details. ColumbusPromo really cares about this concept. For this reason the materials can make the difference, sharing our style and personality…

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Smartphone covers: new trends

Refined materials are able to tranform our smartphone cover into a real fashion item…

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