Cement gadgets: when the design meets eco-sustainability

Speaker in cemento e bamboo Speaker in cemento e bamboo Caricatore wireless in cemento Caricatore wireless e svuota tasche Speaker bluetooth cemento

Have you heard of cement promotional gadgets?


When we think of cement, we think of the big and strong buildings into construction areas. In reality, this material is also used to make design objects, from home furniture to office furniture, and it is also used to make technology objects like bluetooth speakers and wireless charger. Choosing a cement promotional article means to give an innovative and unique object, but at the same time, an eco-friendly gadget, because the cement is a totally recycled and reused material.


The lastest news in the merchandising sector, in fact, are cement products, that have an uneven texture, that remember the industrial world and it has a minimal design, but unique, that allow it to have an elegant and refined style.
In view of Christmas 2020our team have selected for you many cement gadgets, like wireless charger, bluetooth speakers and lastly, the traditional organizer with smartphone wireless charger, perfect to gift for customers and employees.


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