Olfactory marketing: discover the scented gadgets to communicate in winning way your brand

Have you ever heard of olfactory marketing?
For many years corporations used sensorial marketing to stimulate the five senses because they influenced the emotional dimension.
Among these, a prominent place belongs to olfactory marketing thanks to its characteristics allowing it to have an important role in marketing and communication activities. But let’s see in detail the potential of olfactory marketing:


One study of New York Rockefeller University demonstrated that people remember 35% of what they smell with respect to 5% of what they see, 2% of what they hear, and 1% of what they touch.
The olfactory memory is not responsive: the scent doesn’t require attention to be remembered but it cannot be ignored…

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Do you want to customize your FFP2 face mask? Discover the covers that are reusable and customizable with your corporate logo

The most efficient face masks are certainly the FFP2 face mask: disposable, they are very hygienic and with high filtering power that guarantees complete protection for yourself and to other people, in particular when we stay indoors or in crowded places like the office.


Starting today with ColumbusPromo you can find the FFP2 face masks at incredible prices.

Not only that! You can make them unique and change them into a promotional gadget that is perfect for gifts to your customers and employees, thanks to the original and colorful customizable cover with your logo. They are made in TNT polypropylene (certificate nontoxic material, breathable, waterproof) and they are washable, reusable, and customizable with your logo or with a digital…

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The 10 most original promotional gadgets for mother’s day

Mother’s day it’s coming! Never this year the small things will be making a difference.
Choosing a promotional product to gift to our customers or employees for this occasion, is a cuddle that will make them feel important and precious.


ColumbusPromo has selected the 10 most original customizable gadgets that are perfect to gift for mom’s day 2021. Discover altogether which they are!


For all mum that are lovers to fitness and to physical activity the ideal gadgets are:


1. Clima bottles, that maintain the drink’s temperature for a long-lasting time. They are available in different materials and all of these are customizable with your name, also.

2. Eco-friendly jumping rope…

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Make your gadgets unique! Choose ColumbusPromo to valorize your brand with the best printing techniques

To best communicate and represent your company it is important to select the right promotional articles that are coherent with your brand identity without ignoring a fundamental aspect: customization! Indeed, personalization is what makes your promotional gadgets exclusive, unique, and original, so it’s able to leave a lasting mark to the addressees.


ColumbusPromo, thanks to its expert designer team, proposes a large offering of customization techniques for promotional merchandising and clothing, always evaluating the most suitable for the type of material with which the product or item of clothing is made and proposing solutions in line with the customer’s requests.


The techniques that we use the most to customize the promotional merchandising and clothes are:


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Cheap & chic promotional articles: simple, but not conventional

There is no doubt! The promotional gadgets are the winning choice when speaking about your brand in an innovative and original way. Even in a period when fairs and events are lacking, the gadgets remain the best product to communicate your corporate values, to surprise the addressees and to keep a client’s business. Whatever your reality, if you choose ColumbusPromo you can deliver your promotional articles directly to the single addressees with the exclusive @home service and make customized merchandising of the highest quality, so you can stand out in communicating your brand identity.


If you are looking for entry-level promotional gadgets the ColumbusPromo team can provide many cheap & chic articles: design products are made with…

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Eco-friendly gadget: the simple way to communicate your corporate values through promotional articles

We thought that ecological gadgets were simply a trend and that sooner or later they would be shelved, but in reality, this is not the case. The times are changed, the environment protection and safeguard are become the fundamental values about the new generations, that they will be the future customers which are always most motivated to attentive and responsive purchase about innovative products that are made with eco-friendly materials.
So, it’s very important for corporates to marry this new ecological vision, because they become an avant-gardist reality that not only focuses on the present but looks at the future. Choosing promotional articles made with eco-friendly materials means communicating and share a specific message about your…

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Keep up with the times! Create your promotional products kit and deliver it directly to your addressees with our exclusive @home service

Are you looking for an original idea for your promotional articles?
ColumbusPromo has the perfect solution for you: make your promotional products kit and deliver it directly to the single addressees to surprise them with a simple gesture.

Starting today thanks to the precious collaboration with the Columbus Logistics team and the ability of our team to offer always ad hoc solutions for our customers, we are able to give you one of the most needed services at the moment: the realization of the gadget kits, made and wrapped with custom packaging, and delivered at the single addressees with our exclusive @home service. The perfect solution for answering different needs like arriving to the smart worker or to the online…

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Remote onboarding? Deliver the Welcome kit directly at the recruit’s home with our exclusive @home service

In this particular period, the selection process and the hiring dynamics have also changed: remote job interviews, no physical interactions, and sometimes, remote onboarding. In this situation, which is the best way to instill the philosophy and corporate values to the new entry for allowing them to feel good in the new reality?


The WELCOME KIT, a simple but effective way to make new employees feel important, that we deliver it directly to their homes.


So, let’s discover which are the best customizable gadgets that you can put into the Welcome kit.


Rule n°1: any promotional product that you will choose has to represent your corporate identity because this allows the recruit to have a…

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The promotional products of 2021? Certainly the antibacterial gadgets: useful, safe and customizable

Which are the trendy gadgets? Without a doubt the innovative promotional antibacterial products.


Unfortunately, contamination risk is still high and we cannot take the liberty to let down our guard, and for this reason, the customizable antibacterial products certainly are a winning merchandising idea. These are products with particular treatments that allow them to drastically reduce the bacterial charge on their surface so they become safe when you use them.
These are useful products that will be appreciated by the addressees and that allow you to link your brand to essential values such as personal health.


ColumbusPromo has selected for you 10 antibacterial products with a charming design that are all customizable with your logo, but the possibilities…

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Online events? ColumbusPromo supports you with the gadgets’ choice and delivers them at participants’ homes with @home service

2021 has just started and so did the events also and learning workshops, all in a virtual way due to the health emergency that we are living in.

Organizing an online event may seem easier and fastly than a presence event, but it’s not so! Certainly, it’s more difficult to keep the attention of the possible participants and in a second moment to boost the fidelity process.
Which is the winning strategy to increase the participants’ engagement to your event and in particular to your brand? Exactly like the presence events, the promotional gadgets have a relevant role because they are tangible actions that reward the participants of the event and they are very functional to the activation…

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