“Plastic Free July”: the eco-friendly products that ColumbusPromo offers to protect the ecosystem

Gadget plastic free e eco-friendly Gadget plastic free e eco-friendly

Plastic Free July” is the initiative that aims to attract interest of people to consume less single-use plastic, so they protect the planet. Indeed, every year, 8m tonnes of plastic end up into oceans, causing terrible damage to sea life, but also to the environment.

Choosing green products as gifts to give to people which take part to your online events or to employees and clients, will be useful to bring value to your corporate environment, so you could concretely contribute to save planet.
ColumbusPromo, always ecosustainability promoter, has selected for you some original design products, in particular mostly plastic free objects like:


Lunch box and mug: it’s made entirely of bamboo fibre and PLA corn, that is made from fermented plant starch which is free of toxics and carbon neutral.


Clima bottle: it’s made of inoxidizable steel, handy and easy to carry with you, it reduces the use of classic plastic bottles and dispersion into the environment.


Bluetooth speaker: it’s made of eco-friendly, natural and recycled materials like wood, bamboo and also cement.


Shopper: it’s made of natural fibres or recycled materials. It’s the most loved gadget during events and fairs, because you can use it many times and in different occasions.


Wireless charger: it’s made of eco-friendly materials like wheat fibre, which represents a valid alternative to plastic products.


Organizer and block notes: with regenerated leather, cloths and natural fabrics covers, it’s the perfect matching between design and sustainability.


Pens and pencils: pens are made of biodegradable materials, which respect the environment and pencils have a double use: when the pencils become too short to be used, you can plant in the soil.




Other products that you may find interesting