We talk of values, visions and inspirations.
We build a unique identity for your brand through exclusive objects.


Communicating through timeless products made in an exclusive and customised way is the winning card which ColumbusPromo plays.

We know how to make conventional merchandising unique, and will design a tailored product in line with your style, to enhance and make your brand speak.



CoExpress is the new service dedicated to the most urgent requests.
In just 15 days from the order confirmation, we will be ready with your merchandising, without sacrificing our philosophy and quality.

These are not just catalogue products, but objects made just for you, with the widest possible choice, which is the result of a continuous selection and attention to quality and details.


To guarantee a fast and dynamic service, we have the Columbus Logistics team. More than 200 people who are part of one of Northern Italy’s major logistics companies.

In this way, we can add value to services for our customers. Whether it is storage, handling or kit preparation, we will support you with expertise and reliability.



Bring up your idea, we help you to develop it and we write together the ending.


Customizable workwear line: how to use a clothes line for a interior and external marketing goals

The study of a workwear line is a key point in terms of marketing and communication. We used to mistakenly think of a workwear line as a set of garments that have an exclusively functional purpose, to be suitable for different work activities. But the workwear is a typical example of communication through the objects and this is very important for interior and external marketing.


Making a workwear line with quality, comfort, and nice garments, allows you to make all your employees feel happy wearing them every day. They will wear their uniform willingly and will perceive the attention towards them.


But this will also have positive repercussions externally. A quality uniform with refined lines communicates a positive…

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Back to the office: the promotional kit for the returning to the office

Slowly many Italians are finally returning to the office. Many people to be continued with remote working way, but some corporates are making for the come back to the office to your employees. If you want to host your employees in the best way, we have the solution for you: a welcome back kit that the employees find when they come back to the office. This is the best solution that allows you to feel important to your employees and allow them to live this new phase with the right spirit and with the best motivations. Let’s see together the best products for this promotional kit.


Starting with a must-have: the promotional notebook is available in different…

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