ColumbusPromo is carbon neutral

With immense satisfaction that we announce that ColumbusPromo, as of January 31…

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Merchandising for save the bees: choose our gadgets and adopt a beehive with 3Bee

On the 20th may was celebrating the world bee day. The goal…

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Green summer: make a sustainable choice with eco-friendly summer gadgets

ColumbusPromo has selected do you many promotional articles. Let’s see together…

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Tumbler travel to-go: the most trendy promotional gadget for the spring-summer 2022

The most trendy promotional gadgets for the 2022 spring-summer will be the tumbler travel to go. American style, the clima tumbler travel to-go is the most original promotional gadget reusable and perfect to gift during an event, fair, or to your customers and employees because is perfect to use in the office and outdoor…

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Wich are the must-have promotional gadgets for the spring 2022?

Spring is finally coming! It’s time to walk, to do a picnic, and have fun outdoor. For this reason, ColumbusPromo has selected the best articles to gift to your customers and employees on occasion to the spring days…

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Promotional articles and corporate garments made in Europe: the winner choice

Who says the gadgets are produced in the Far East? ColumbusPromo is always to research the best production partners and we prefer to collaborate with corporate that has Europe headquarters. This is an exception in the merchandising and professional clothes world that was born to the will to support the national and European economy and to offer exclusive services to our customers. The vantages for our clients are many. Let’s see them together


The timing is reduced and certain, compared to China’s production

The articles have higher quality standards

We can carry out ad hoc productions (OEM and ODM)

We guarantee you high customization possibilities

The environmental impact is reduced


Moreover, a consolidated European production partner…

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Merchandising and CSR: discover the gadgets that “do good”

Since today, if you choose ColumbusPromo you can match the promotional articles with the Corporate Social Responsibility activity.

The “Give me Five” initiative was born for a Christmas festivity, but you can use this all year and with any gadgets. Thanks for the order of the promotional articles you can:


Creating a corporate forest with Treedom


Treedom is the first website by is possible to plant at distance the trees so you can reduce in a real way own CO2 emissions. You can purchase online the trees and these are planted directly to the local farmers, so you can guarantee environmental, economic, and social benefits. Let’s see the Columbus forest.


Adopt a beehive with 3Bee


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Watchword: sustainability! Here are the top 5 eco-friendly promotional gadgets that are most trendy at the moment

Discover the products into the gallery above

It’s sure the environmental sustainability and awareness dominate the promotional merchandising world during 2022. So we have added more original and cool gadgets into the eco-friendly section. Let’s see together!



1. Promotional jute ball, an original eco-friendly gadget with charming style is available in different models such as beach volleyball, soccer ball, or rugby ball. A promotional product is customizable with a logo and perfect to enjoy with friends at the park or beach during spring and summer.


2. Customizable cooler ideal to use during the warm summer nights, because it allows maintaining fresh a good wine bottle. Original and excellent, this gadget is made…

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Energy savings day: here are the solar energy promotional articles that are perfect for green corporate gifts

Today, 18th February, we celebrated the energy savings day, and ColumbusPromo, always attentive to the environment and at the forefront in the fight against waste, selected for you the most original and appreciated promotional gadgets for customers and employees, and perfect for a green corporate gift.
Let’s see them together.


Bluetooth earphones with charge solar panel integrated on the cover, useful for work calls, and perfect for an eco-friendly corporate gift.


For bike lovers, the perfect promotional gadget to celebrate the best energy savings day is the bicycle light customizable with your logo. It’s waterproof and has an efficient solar panel that allows you to have the battery always charge.


Bamboo power bank with…

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Remote work: which are the trendy gadgets perfect to gift to your employees and customers?

It is now certain: remote work, so loved by all workers, is an increasingly growing trend in companies. For this reason, ColumbusPromo has selected for you the most trendy remote work gadgets perfect to gift to your employees.


The situation we have faced in these two years has revolutionized not only our way of living everyday life but also the working dynamics, spreading more and more the tendency to work remotely or to propose hybrid solutions to one’s collaborators, which they include both presence in the office and agile work.


Lets’ see together the promotional articles for remote work that are perfect for your employees:


1. Wheat straw earphones customizable with logo: a must-have to…

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