Wireless charger: the tech gadget that we can’t do without

wireless charger wireless charger caricatore wireless in cemento

What is the object that we have with us at anytime? The smartphone!
Smartphone is the device that we use the most during our days and for this reason it has to be always charged.


So the perfect gadget to gift to your clients and employees is the Wireless charger.


Innovative, handy and unique, the Wireless charger allows you to easily and quickly charge your device, thanks to Qi technology (that is compatible with most of the latest smartphones) that through magnetic induction, produces up to 5W of energy, so you can charge your smartphone easily by putting it on the surface.


ColumbusPromo considers the Wireless charger not as a simple gadget, but like a tasteful object.


In fact our offer is characterised of classic promotional Wireless chargers, that are made in plastic or fabric and it has a led light which signals the charge process, Wireless chargers that allows you to charge many devices at the same time through a USB port and at last, the green Wireless chargers, which are ultra-thin and made of eco-friendly materials, like bamboo, wheat fibre or cement. These last products are our pieces de resistance, because they represent the winning matching between tasteful design and environmental sustainability: wheat fibre gives to products a soft and natural colour, thanks to assembly between wheat fibre with ABS (polymer); whereas the cement with the cork, make to Wireless chargers unique and elegant products.


If you are interested and you want to find out more about our models, contact us!
Our creative team will support you and help you choose the promotional Wireless charger that will be more in line with your brand.




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