ColumbusPromo Fairs: the perfect gadgets to leave your mark during fairs and events

Servizio merchandising per fiere ed eventi

The fairs are restarting and, never like this year, it’s necessary to organize these without leaving anything to chance.
To help you take advantage of the best networking and sales occasions, we have created ColumbusPromo Fairs service that allows you to increase the visibility of your brand and your fairs stand.
It’s clear that receiving a branded gift increases the brand value and this allows us to remember it easily and positively.
A stand with promotional products that are made to valorize the brand, also gives the fair’s space a neat look, allows to discern the brand and shows your company organization and attention to detail.
For this reason we have selected for you some specific and customizable promotional products that are perfect for events and world fairs. Some examples?

Considering the current situation a winning choice is the customizable face mask. It’s the perfect product to wear on your team during the fair, to increase your corporate identity and prove your company’s attention for security, but it’s also the perfect gadget to gift to all participants that will communicate your brand when they wear a face mask.
Just as the antibacterial pens, that are perfect to use at your stand or to gift to your visitors.
Always in the wake of security, some products that are always appraised are sanitizing gel, with its gel holder, the handy mask holder and anti-contact key ring, that allows you to push buttons and open doors safely.
There are also the classics, for example, the handy lanyard, the enduring usb keys and, the useful shopper, that are inevitable during fair.
Our creative team will customise our offering to your needs, which starting from your logo and your company, will make for you the perfect promotional products.




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