ColumbusPromo is carbon neutral for scopes 1 and 2. This achievement makes us proud and allows us to have a neutral impact on our planet, contributing concretely to its safeguarding. This important result has been achieved thanks to our commitment to minimizing our emissions as much as possible and offsetting unavoidable emissions through the purchase of carbon credits from Verra-certified offset projects.


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Sustainability plan

In 2022 Columbus group created its sustainability plan to improve its commitment to fighting climate change.

We have defined the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) starting from the “5P about sustainable development”, and we have decided to focus on those where we can make a greater contribution:



Columbus, therefore, contributes to the achievement of 8 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals defined in the context of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.


Check out our sustainability plan:

ColumbusPromo Sustainability Plan 2022-2030

Eco-friendly gadgets

The concept of a gadget as a “disposable” product has always been something very distant from the ColumbusPromo policy and is not compatible with the sustainability concept.

Here are the characteristics of the realization process of eco-friendly promotional articles:


  • choose customized promotional gadgets made of a minimal environmental impact 
  • Choose useful and quality promotional products, so that they are used by those who receive them and that they are durable
  • prefer Italian and European supplies because they reduce the transport and the emissions
  • select productive partners with virtuous behaviors regarding the management of employees and environmental policy 
  • reduce the packaging materials and prefer the eco-friendly packaging
  • optimize the transport 


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Sustainable supply chain

We carefully select our suppliers, stimulating them when necessary to align with our sustainability vision. We have direct access to the factories of our production partners and carry out periodic checks.
In addition to joining Ecovadis in 2021, since the end of 2022 we have been using the innovative Synesgy platform, thanks to which the ESG rating of the supply chain leader (Columbus Group) and all its strategic suppliers is calculated, thus guaranteeing maximum transparency to our customers.



Materials and certifications

We are always up to date with materials and certifications, allowing us to offer our customers innovative, original, and less environmentally impactful products.


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