Customizable corporate gifts: delivered directly at customers’ and employees’ homes

consegna regali aziendali a domicilio

The holidays are coming and now is the time to think about corporate gifts.
But how can you reach all the people that are working at home?
ColumbusPromo has the perfect solution for you: the exclusive @home service that allows you to deliver products, gifts, and kits directly to the final addressee’s home, customers, and employees.
With this service, the “gifts mission”, will be easier: after the gift selection, you won’t need to worry about anything, we’ll take care of it!


Packaging and composition of kits of promotional articles.
You can choose to add a gift box and to include a greeting card.


Shipping and delivery via express courier (24/48h) at the addressee’s home. An email notification will alert the addressee about the delivery status and they will be able to monitor it thanks to the attached tracking.


The data of your customers and employees will be processed in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


If you choose the ColumbusPromo team, you will able to choose between a variety of quality promotional articles with an exclusive design. There are a lot of possibilities: ranging from technology (Wireless charger, power bank, Bluetooth speaker) to the security world (UV sanitizer, customizable masks, sanitizing gel with its gel holder) or office world (pens, notebooks, calendars, bottles, and clima bottles) to design and home products (candle, air fresheners, lamps, and blankets).
All products are customizable, our creative team will create promotional gifts able to enhance your brand.


For more information about the service and to receive our Gift Catalogue 2020 please send an email to address




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