It’s fall! What are the best promotional articles that you can gift to your customers and employees during this season?

September 22: it’s officially autumn and it’s time to think of promotional articles to gift to your customers and employees during this season and on the occasion of Christmas 2021.
ColumbusPromo has selected for you many fall promotional products that are perfect like Christmas corporate gifts also.
Let’s see them together.

Promotional tea set: ideal for a refined and elegant gift, it includes a teapot of 400 ml with a ceramic mug.


Customizable blanket: warm and soft wool blend blanket, with horse stitch embroidered border, embellished and made unique by the possibility of embroidering the initials of your customers and employees. Available in different colors.


Customizable candles and aroma diffusers: the candles are perfect to…

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Corporate Christmas gifts and solidarity: discover our “Give me five” initiative

They say that around Christmas time everyone behaves. Perhaps this is not the case, but the certain thing is that the nature of this event should lead us to be attentive and supportive of others. And for this reason, ColumbusPromo gives life to the  “Give me Five” initiative, the system that allows you to combine corporate Christmas gifts with Corporate Social Responsibility. We have selected some associations and corporations that work hard on important social, environmental, and health research initiatives. With an added contribution to product price, you can support them. But there is more: your contribution is worth double. ColumbusPromo gives the same contribution and so we obtain the double value. If you decide to donate equal to 5…

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Promotional notebooks and calendars 2022: the most appreciated corporate Christmas gift ever

There are 100 days until Christmas and if you are already thinking about corporate gifts, a gift that is always appreciated and used by customers and employees are the customizable notebooks and promotional calendars that can be personalized with your logo.


Dated gadgets such as customizable notebooks and calendars are evergreen of corporate Christmas gifts, ideal for those who have days full of commitments and appointments.

ColumbusPromo selected for you many models of promotional notebooks, from eco-friendly materials such as canvas, dried grass, regenerated leather to raffinate made in leather. If you want you can choose between different sizes and models: from daily to weekly, from monthly to bullet journals; if you wish, you can also enrich your…

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Christmas corporate gifts 2021: promotional food basket, the perfect combination between the excellence and uniqueness

The summertime is over and now it’s the time to start the selection of Christmas corporate gifts. Choosing the perfect Christmas corporate gifts that are able to surprise customers and employees is not easy. For this reason, it is necessary to organize in time so you can choose the best promotional articles that are able to have an impact on the addressees. If you choose ColumbusPromo you can select the best Christmas corporate gifts that are in line with your brand and customize them ad hoc.


This year we have thought of many unique and of value articles. In particular, one is the best gift to your customers and employees to rediscover the pleasure of staying together and…

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Christmas 2021: it’s time to think of corporate gifts

It’s time to think about Christmas corporate gifts.
ColumbusPromo has worked for you. What we offer to you are more than simple promotional gadgets: we offer you the possibility to communicate through the object important message and corporate values such as the attention for your customers and employees. If you will choose ColumbusPromo you can gift an experience made of sensations and detailed care. This is possible thanks to the exclusive services that we have created for you.


Corporate Social Responsibility

This year we give you the possibility to connect the Christmas gifts with Social Corporate Responsibility. We have selected some associations and corporations that work hard on important social, environmental, and health research initiatives. With an added…

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September is coming! It’s time to keep fit with promotional sportive gadgets, the useful and trend corporate gifts

The holidays are officially finished and now it’s time to keep fit with a healthy physical exercise that is important to lose some kilos but also to increase your wellbeing level and starting with good power. So the promotional sportive gadgets are the best gadgets to gift to your customers and employees that came back to their holidays.


Discover together the big selection of sportive promotional articles of ColumbusPromo.


Always useful to keep fitness exercise and to do yoga is the comfortable fitness mat that is customizable with your logo and it’s also available in a new eco-friendly version made in cork. It included an adjustable shoulder strap that allows you to carry it with…

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Pets gadgets: surprise your customers and employees with a special gift for their pets

Pets are more always present in our life and they have a special place in our hearts. Everybody knows that to care for them it’s necessary the right quantity of attention and cuddle. So it is important to have specific accessories for their care and enjoyment. Deciding to gift to your customers and employees promotional articles for their pets is a winning merchandising solution that certainly will be appreciated.


Let’s discover together which are the promotional gadgets for pets to gift to your customers and employees:


Promotional set with canteen and bowl: a handy and compact kit that is perfect to carry with you during a trip with your pets. It’s customizable with your logo…

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Promotional board games: the winning choice to transmit your brand in an original and funny way

Today, 30 July, is World Friendship Day, and to celebrate this event, we have decided to offer a big selection of promotional board games that you can gift to your customers and employees. These are the perfect corporate gifts that allow you to share enjoyable moments with friends. The customizable board games are an evergreen among the corporate promotional articles. Appreciated by all ages, these are the best gadgets to transmit your brand in an original and enjoyable way.


Many are the promotional board games that are available. Here we offer you the most popular ones ever.


If you are looking for a customizable board game set, the wood box 4 in 1 is perfect for you: chess…

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The best 5 promotional power banks to gift to your customers and employees for their summer holidays

August is upon us, and the long-awaited holidays, for many customers and employees are approaching, and the promotional gadget that can never be missing in your luggage is the customizable power bank, perfect for always having all your devices charged, from smartphone to tablet.

Coming with customers and employees during the vacations with a customizable promotional article is an optimal opportunity that will allow you to get to know your brand better.


Discover together the best five promotional power banks perfect to gift like a summer corporate gift.


Solar power bank to 4000mAh made in aluminum is a sustainable choice because it uses rays of sunshine to make energy and charge different devices.
Promotional power banks made…

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Promotional hats: customizable gadgets that never goes out of style

If you are questioning which is the most appreciated promotional article ever, the answer is the promotional caps that are an evergreen of the customizable gadgets, in particular during the summer season. Adaptable and trendy is the accessory that isn’t missing from the travel bag for the sea or mountain vacation.


If you choose ColumbusPromo you can choose between many models, from classic customizable baseball hats that are perfect to gift during an event and then used for outdoor sports, to the unique caps such as the much loved promotional Panama, perfect to enjoy the sun on the beach or in the swimming pool without missing the elegance and sophisticated style.
If you want to choose a fashionable…

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