Eco-friendly gadget: the simple way to communicate your corporate values through promotional articles

Articoli promozionali eco-friendly Bottiglia termica promozionale doppio strato in vetro e bambù Drawstring personalizzabile con logo in cotone organico Taccuino promozionale in carta FSC shopper promozionale in canapa Zaino antitaccheggio in R-PET personalizzabile con logo Trousse in canapa personalizzabile con logo Agenda con penna in sughero personalizzabili con logo

We thought that ecological gadgets were simply a trend and that sooner or later they would be shelved, but in reality, this is not the case. The times are changed, the environment protection and safeguard are become the fundamental values about the new generations, that they will be the future customers which are always most motivated to attentive and responsive purchase about innovative products that are made with eco-friendly materials.
So, it’s very important for corporates to marry this new ecological vision, because they become an avant-gardist reality that not only focuses on the present but looks at the future. Choosing promotional articles made with eco-friendly materials means communicating and share a specific message about your corporate social responsibility.


If you choose ColumbusPromo you can select between many eco-friendly promotional gadgets that are made in different materials, from these classiest like R-PET to these latest and more ecological like hemp and organic cotton, which are trending materials of 2021. They are derived from natural farms without pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers so they respect the environment at 100%. The hemp, for example, is one of the most older and eco-friendly fabrics that is characterized by totally recyclable fibers derived from the fast-growing cannabis plant; while, biological cotton is very similar to the cotton that we all know, with the difference that it’s grown naturally and to be considered as such it must have certain certifications.


But that’s not all! The ColumbusPromo eco-friendly promotional products selection to be continued with other typologies of materials that are always more requested and used for promotional gadgets, such as bamboo, cork, coffee husk, elephant grass, wheat fiber, regenerated leather, dried grass, concrete, and wood.


The possibilities are many: notebooks, pens, sun watches, lunch boxes, mugs, bookmarks, drawstrings, shoppers, caps, smartphone stands, clima bottles, USB drives, pencil cases, backpacks, and more and more. If you want to discover all our eco-friendly promotional articles, contact us! You can customize your gadgets with a corporate logo and with a charming design that is thinking specific for your brand to our creative team.


Do you want to deliver home your customize promotional articles? Maybe on the occasion of an online event or a meeting between colleagues? Thanks to the exclusive ColumbusPromo @home service, we delivered your promotional gadgets directly to the single addressees. Do you want more information? Contact us!





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