Olfactory marketing: discover the scented gadgets to communicate in winning way your brand

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Have you ever heard of olfactory marketing?
For many years corporations used sensorial marketing to stimulate the five senses because they influenced the emotional dimension.
Among these, a prominent place belongs to olfactory marketing thanks to its characteristics allowing it to have an important role in marketing and communication activities. But let’s see in detail the potential of olfactory marketing:


One study of New York Rockefeller University demonstrated that people remember 35% of what they smell with respect to 5% of what they see, 2% of what they hear, and 1% of what they touch.
The olfactory memory is not responsive: the scent doesn’t require attention to be remembered but it cannot be ignored, and for this reason, the percentage of olfactory memories is high.



If the visual memory loses more than 50% of its intensity in just 3 months, the olfactory one loses just 20% in a year.


Another element that characterizes the sense of smell is the strong impact that this can have on emotions: it is linked with the limbic system (a part of the brain where the emotions reside) that allows us to link the scent with particular sensations and memories.
In the world, there are more than 400.000 different smells that if used in the right way, can influence people’s behaviors and nudge them to purchase.

Anja Stör by Paderborn University says that “the people interviewed after one was scented with lemon fragrance, were 14.8% more inclined to buy than those interviewed in an unscented room”.

In Japan, for more years people used scents to improve work activity so they used different aromas on different parts of the days. Some examples: lemon aroma for a stimulant effect, flowers aroma to stimulate resistance, wood smell to improve optimism.


Fascinated by this new frontier, we have decided to use the advantages the sense of smell can reserve in the context of merchandising and promotions.

Thanks to accurate research and selection we can offer you top-quality products and with unique designs.
ColumbusPromo can offer you many different typologies of products. Some examples?



With ColumbusPromo you can choose between countless fragrances or even provide one of yours. You can select a perfume that best represents your brand identity, playing the role of an “olfactory signature”.
So we started to talk about the smell signature that can show the corporate values and characteristics and that can become a distinctive mark for the company.


For each item, you will have the widest variety of options, including shape, color, customization, and, above all, fragrance selection.
We can offer you many different possibilities of packaging for the scented merchandise, so you can embellish your products even more.


If you want to use this opportunity to improve your marketing and communication campaigns, contact us: our creative team is ready to work for you. We guarantee high competence, knowledge of product and design attention.





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