Customizable workwear line: how to use a clothes line for a interior and external marketing goals

The study of a workwear line is a key point in terms of marketing and communication. We used to mistakenly think of a workwear line as a set of garments that have an exclusively functional purpose, to be suitable for different work activities. But the workwear is a typical example of communication through the objects and this is very important for interior and external marketing.


Making a workwear line with quality, comfort, and nice garments, allows you to make all your employees feel happy wearing them every day. They will wear their uniform willingly and will perceive the attention towards them.


But this will also have positive repercussions externally. A quality uniform with refined lines communicates a positive…

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Back to the office: the promotional kit for the returning to the office

Slowly many Italians are finally returning to the office. Many people to be continued with remote working way, but some corporates are making for the come back to the office to your employees. If you want to host your employees in the best way, we have the solution for you: a welcome back kit that the employees find when they come back to the office. This is the best solution that allows you to feel important to your employees and allow them to live this new phase with the right spirit and with the best motivations. Let’s see together the best products for this promotional kit.


Starting with a must-have: the promotional notebook is available in different…

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Plastic-free promotional gadgets: support the “Plastic Free July” with green promotional articles

July is the most sustainable month of all year thanks to the “Plastic Free July”, the global initiative that has the goal to attract the interest of people to consume less disposable plastic because it is difficult to depose and reuse it. So, plastic is one of the principal pollution factors, in particular in the oceans where it generates grave effects on sea fauna.

ColumbusPromo, always a supporter of the environmental issue, offers a large selection of plastic-free promotional gadgets that are perfect to gift to your customers and employees and that allows you to contribute to the environment’s safety.

Here are the plastic-free products that we selected for you.


For an original and green corporate…

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Eco sustainability and style: choose the washable paper promotional articles for an original corporate gift

Are you looking for an eco-friendly and unique corporate gift that allows you to surprise your customers and employees?

The washable paper promotional articles are perfect for you! These products are created with a particular ecological and reusable material, made with 100% natural vegetable fiber, deriving from the cultivation of plants and not from their killing. These washable paper promotional products are eco-friendly and allow you to communicate at the best your corporate values about the safety of the environment. But not only! The particularity of washable paper products is their style, creased effect that makes them unique and perfect for corporate gifts.

If the washable paper gadgets do not convince you, you have to know that they…

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Kitchen gadgets: 5 innovative ideas to surprise customers and employees

The interest in the kitchen world is more diffuse: dedicate the time to the preparation of delicacies, like the important chef, is a hobby that the Italian loved more. If you want to be up to the most important chef in the world, it’s necessary to have the right tools. So, for this reason, gift to your employees and customers promotional articles for the kitchen is an original idea for a customizable gift. Useful products with a unique style, that will be used and that allows you to associate your brand with a good moment of conviviality.


Here we show you some kitchen promotional articles that we selected for you.


If you want to gift to your…

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Customize workwear: we leave the floor to the ColumbusPromo QC team

Designing or renovating the professional line of clothing for your employees is a long process that needs care during the fabrics and products selection. There are many types of professional items of clothing: from the simple t-shirt with logo to a clothing line that is designed ad hoc. For this reason, it’s very important to choose an expert team that can support you during the selection and design process of your workwear items.


ColumbusPromo boasts more than twenty years of experience in the creation of complete professional clothing lines, for medium and large companies, offering a 360° service: from the analysis of the customer’s needs, with particular attention to the design of garments and requirements that…

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Lacoste: How was the most famous fashion crocodile born?

René Lacoste was a sportsman before becoming a stylist. He was a wonderful tennis champion who between 1925 and 1933 won everything from Roland Garros to the US Open, from the Wimbledon competition to the Davis Cup. And during the Davis Cup the “crocodile” was born, from a bet with the captain of the French team: if Lacoste had achieved an important victory for the team, the captain would have given him a travel bag made of crocodile. Is thanks to this anecdote that Lacoste receives the nickname “crocodile”, perfect for him because he never leaves his prey (opposing). So his friend Robert George designed a crocodile for him which was embroidered on the jacket that Lacoste wore on the…

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Clima bottles craze: how did this gadget become a must-have?

We definitely say this: the clima bottles are a must-have product. But how did this article become so viral?


The clima bottles are very comfortable because they allow you to carry with you always your favorite drinks, guarantee you that these will be warm or fresh for a long time.


The second aspect is that the clima bottles are green articles, sure enough, they allow you to reduce the use of plastic bottles. This ecological aspect is very important to guarantee the success of the product because more and more people have been continuously modifying their behaviors and habits in recent years to protect the planet as much as possible.


The third point is the design…

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Events and fairs 2021: here are the personalized gadget for the new normalcy

We are finally here: the 2021 events are starting. An important stage that generates optimism in all of us. 


Also for this reason it is essential to think carefully about the gadgets to give to the participants, who can thus associate your brand with moments of our new normalcy.


Here are the personalized gadgets for fairs and events that we have selected for you


Let’s start with the gadget that can never be missing during an event: the customizable shopper, convenient for inserting other gadgets to give as gifts. We can offer you shoppers of many formats and materials, even eco friendly.


Two other key gadgets are customizable pencils and pens. Also in this case…

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Picnic outdoor: here the best promotional gadgets to gift to your customers and employees

The summer has finally arrived! The sunny days are perfect for a picnic outdoors, to enjoy and to relax with family and friends. For this reason, ColumbusPromo has selected for you the best picnic promotional gadgets that are perfect to gift to your customer and employees. Discover them together.


A must-have for a picnic is the traditional tartan blanket which is folding, customizable with a logo and it’s available in different colors. The tartan blanket is made in acrylic, and thanks to the PVC coat it’s waterproof also so you can use it everywhere. Another promotional article that is not missed is the useful customizable cooler bag, that guarantees the freshness of your food and drinks…

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