Homeworking? For Christmas 2020 gift your customers and employees the perfect gadgets that allow them to recreate their office at home

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Few months have passed since we have improvised our office between the living room and kitchen, and now we are back to think about managing the home spaces to allow us to work in the best way.


Remote work has certainly some advantages, but it also has some disadvantages such as the presence of other people in the same space, the lack of a specific office desk and at the last the lack of some accessories that allow us to work in the best way.


For this reason, ColumbusPromo believes that the best corporate gift for your customers and employees, for Christmas 2020, could be the customizable promotional products that allow you to recreate the perfect work environment at home.


Here are some customizable products that we have selected for you:


Desk blotter: waterproof and non-slip, it’s very colorful and allows you to have your desk always comfortable and in order;


LED Lamp with Wireless charger: on the office desk never lacks a lamp since lighting is very important for allowing you to work in the best way, without causing strain to your eyes. The plus of this lamp is that it allows you to charge your smartphone, through Qi technology, simply putting it on the lamp base;


Multi-function Wireless charger: for technology lovers, this is the perfect gadget for home working because it allows you to charge, at the same time, different devices with Qi technology. Many different models are available, from the more refined and elegant to the eco-friendly one, and all allow you to work comfortably without any cables that impede you;


Clima bottle and Smart hydration reminder: the break moment is very important during the workday because it allows you to regain the energies. But, when you are working in remote work, sometimes you forget to do it. For this reason, the clima bottle and smart hydration reminder are the ideal gadgets for a perfect break: the clima bottle allows you to keep your drinks hot and the handy reminder that you can attach to the bottle lights up and reminds you to drink and to stand up at your office desk and go for walk.


And why not, the break is the perfect time to do some fitness exercise to increase your physical and mental well-being level, so you will be more productive. So the most original promotional gadget about this selection is exactly the fitness kit, few tools but enough to train you at your home as well.


But don’t forget that the environment where we are working has a strong impact on your work performance. So, why do you try to make your desk more comfortable and pretty? To do it you will have to choose for your customers and employees scented candles or air fresheners that thanks to their fragrances are able to create a relaxing environment where it’s easier to focus.


Or if you want, you can choose some particular products such as a small plant. The eco-gadgets will allow you to link your corporate identity with some important values such as environment respect and sustainability, but in particular, these gadgets are the most appreciated by people and there are available in different variants. There are customizable biodegradable mugs, which contain all you need to grow a plant with love and care. Or, also, the small airplant without roots that doesn’t need a lot of care, that are put into the customizable wood cube where if you want, you can engrave motivational phrases, so you could give a fresh touch at office space.


If you want to go with something classic, we have selected two kits that are perfect for remote work, characterized by Bluetooth earphones, stand for smartphone or tablet, mouse pad, USB key, and Bluetooth mouse.


The useful promotional gadgets that allow you to take on the remote work experience are many. If you are interested and you want to discover all our offerings, you can contact us!


Together we find the best solution for your brand.





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