Christmas 2020 corporate gifts: discover Hook, the anti-contamination gadget that is made 100% in Italy

articololo personalizzabili con logo anti contagio articololo personalizzabili con logo anti contagio gadget eco made in italy articolichi personalizzabili con logo regali natale 2020

Hook is an eco-friendly, anti-contamination product and it’s entirely Made in Italy.
For this reason, it’s the perfect corporate gift in sight of Christmas 2020.


It is a promotional design product that is made of recycled plastic.


It’s the perfect anti-contamination product because it allows us to avoid making contact with the surfaces around us during our everyday life. You can hold onto it on the underground or the tram, and it can also be used to push the ATM buttons or opening the doors…
This is an object that you have to carry with you always and thanks to its reduced dimension, it effectively keeps you protected.


Hook is available in different colors and it’s customizable with the corporate logo and packaging too.
If you are looking for useful gadgets, with a unique style and customizable, to gifted to your customers and employees, contact us.





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