The best 5 promotional power banks to gift to your customers and employees for their summer holidays

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August is upon us, and the long-awaited holidays, for many customers and employees are approaching, and the promotional gadget that can never be missing in your luggage is the customizable power bank, perfect for always having all your devices charged, from smartphone to tablet.

Coming with customers and employees during the vacations with a customizable promotional article is an optimal opportunity that will allow you to get to know your brand better.


Discover together the best five promotional power banks perfect to gift like a summer corporate gift.


  • Solar power bank to 4000mAh made in aluminum is a sustainable choice because it uses rays of sunshine to make energy and charge different devices.
  • Promotional power banks made in corn and wheat without PVC are the best solution. They are perfect for those who are looking for promotional articles made with innovative and eco-friendly materials.
  • Perfect for those who always don’t remember to charge their smartphone, it’s the promotional keyring power bank with lithium power to 1000mAh and with a handy ring that allows you to carry it with you always.
  • Original and with a modern style is the portable power bank that is made in ABS. It’s available in different brilliant and trendy colors and sure it will be appreciated by young people.
  • The promotional power bank that all people would like to have is these ultra-thin to 5.000mAh made in aluminum, with a unique and sophisticated style.


These are just some of the proposals of promotional power banks that ColumbusPromo selected for you, but the possibilities are endless. If you choose our team, you can find the best promotional power bank for your needs because you could choose between many different models, colors, shapes, and dimensions and customizable them with your logo.


If you are interested in and would like to discover all models of promotional power banks, visit the specific section on our website and contact us! Together we will find the best solution for your brand.





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