Pets gadgets: surprise your customers and employees with a special gift for their pets

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Pets are more always present in our life and they have a special place in our hearts. Everybody knows that to care for them it’s necessary the right quantity of attention and cuddle. So it is important to have specific accessories for their care and enjoyment. Deciding to gift to your customers and employees promotional articles for their pets is a winning merchandising solution that certainly will be appreciated.


Let’s discover together which are the promotional gadgets for pets to gift to your customers and employees:


  • Promotional set with canteen and bowl: a handy and compact kit that is perfect to carry with you during a trip with your pets. It’s customizable with your logo and is available in different colors.
  • Promotional bag holder: a must-have gadget perfect when you walk your dog it has a snap-hook that is perfect to attach to the leash. It’s available in different colors, shapes, and materials (eco-friendly also) and it’s customizable with your logo.
  • Promotional frisbee made in rope and fabric and promotional tennis ball made in felt and rubber, available in different colors and customizable with your logo. These are the perfect gadgets that allow you to enjoy the outdoors with your pets.
  • Promotional pets pillow: soft and comfortable this pillow is perfect for domestic animals. It’s available in different colors and sizes and if you want you can customize it with your corporate logo and with the puppy’s name.
  • Promotional leather collar: an elegant and refined accessory that is embellished with metal details. It’s customizable with your logo and the domestic animal name.
  • Promotional birdhouse: it’s made in different materials such as coconuts or MDF. This is an original idea that is perfect to gift to your customers and employees and it’s ideal to put it into your garden to guarantee birds a safe place where they can stay.


The possibilities of promotional articles for your pets are many: from promotional gadgets useful during a trip to promotional articles for the enjoyment of your pets.

If you choose ColumbusPromo you can choose the promotional pets gadgets that are more in line with your brand and make it unique thanks to the customization that transforms your gadgets into a precious corporate gift.


What are you waiting for? Discover more on the specific section on our website and if you are interested, contact us!





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