Corporate Christmas gifts and solidarity: discover our “Give me five” initiative

They say that around Christmas time everyone behaves. Perhaps this is not the case, but the certain thing is that the nature of this event should lead us to be attentive and supportive of others. And for this reason, ColumbusPromo gives life to the Give me Five” initiative, the system that allows you to combine corporate Christmas gifts with Corporate Social Responsibility. We have selected some associations and corporations that work hard on important social, environmental, and health research initiatives. With an added contribution to product price, you can support them. But there is more: your contribution is worth double. ColumbusPromo gives the same contribution and so we obtain the double value. If you decide to donate equal to 5% of the order value, ColumbusPromo will donate an additional 5%, together with 10% of the order value.

With this system you can choose your favorite promotional gifts, there isn’t any restriction: you can choose the best product that is in line with your needs. Into each gift, we put a card that attests to the donation.


Let’s see together the corporations and the associations with which we collaborated.


Treedom is the first website where it is possible to plant at distance some trees, so you can work hard concretely for the environmental safeguard. The trees that you can purchase online, will be planted directly by the local farmers, so you can cause environmental, social, and economic benefits.


Thanks to the application of innovative technologies, this company has helped transform the world of beekeeping. Intelligent monitoring and diagnostic systems allow beekeepers to remotely and constantly monitor the health status of their hives, allowing them to save time and treat their bees by preventing problems and diseases.


My Everest
The association “My Everest” is the reference point for the pancreas tumor patients because it provides information on the disease with particular attention to clinical trials, new therapies, and prevention and supporting scientific research projects through fundraising.


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