Merchandising for save the bees: choose our gadgets and adopt a beehive with 3Bee

On the 20th may was celebrating the world bee day. The goal of this anniversary, established in 2017, is to raise awareness of the central role that these hard-working insects have in our survival. The pollination process guarantees our food security: sure enough almost two-thirds of agricultural production benefit from their pollination activity.

Unfortunately, bees are currently at risk of extinction due to climate change, habitat loss, and the emergence of species such as killer hornets.

3Bee engages to change the beekeeping world and gifted the beekeepers with some monitoring and diagnostic intelligence systems that allow them to manage the remote and constantly the healthy state of their beehives.


If you choose ColumbusPromo you can decide to support one or more beekeepers through the beehives adoption, thanks to the “Give me five” program. What’s it about?
When you purchase your gadgets you can decide to donate equally to 5% of the order value. Which is the uniqueness of the program? ColumbusPromo will donate an additional 5%, together with 10% of the order value.


You can use this program with all promotional gadgets.

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