The 5 trending promotional gadgets for 2021

I 5 gadget promozionali di tendenza nel 2021 I 5 gadget promozionali di tendenza nel 2021 Sterilizzatore promozionale raggi ultravioletti C Mascherina protettiva dotata di cuffie Penne con fusto antibatterico promozionali Taccuino promozionale eco-friendly Matite gadget promozionale post-it personalizzabili con logo Stand promozionale per smartphone e tablet personalizzabile con logo Gadget promozionale blocco webcam

2020 has been a particular and unpredictable year. A lack of in-person events, the reduction of tourism, remote working, a lack of sports competitions, and many other factors, have radically changed the purchase choices on promotional gadgets.


We don’t know with certainty what will happen in the next months but, starting from the customers’ requests and from the gadgets that are more appreciated during this year, we have selected for you 5 promotional articles that, according to our predictions, will be trending during 2021:


1.UV-C sanitizer: it takes the first place. 2020 taught us how important it’s to sanitize the objects that we use all day. So it will become necessary to carry on with you the UV-C sanitizer which, in a few minutes, can remove about 99% of virus and bacterias on smartphones and keys. It will be the promotional gadget that no one will be able to do without;


2.Face mask with earphones: the promotional product that is most requested during this year was been sure the protective face mask, which proved to be fundamental to contain the infection and also functional to sponsor own brand. So during 2021 one of the most popular promotional gadgets will be the face mask with earphones, with built-in earphones and controls on its external covering is the perfect product to use every day, and in particular, it will be perfect for all people that spend a lot of time on calls and they want to feel protected;


3.Antibacterial pens: in the next months, the big events machine will restart and the perfect promotional gadget to give to visitors during fires and meets will be the antibacterial pens. It has special additives to the zinc and silver ions in the pen barrel and the customizable antibacterial pen prevents bacteria from colonizing its surface, making it extremely hygienic and safe;


4.But before the events return to presence, probably it will take some time, and so an original idea could be to send the event gadgets directly to single participants home, choosing between the evergreen gadgets, like notebooks, available in eco-friendly materials,  post-it and pencils or if you want to choose something innovative and contemporary you can select the practical smartphone and tablet stands which allow you to take part to the events everywhere and with all the comforts;


5. Since, even if for little time, we will have to continue to use our technological devices for taking part to events, webinar, job meets or simply relatives and friends video call, another promotional article that will be very requested for the next year is the webcam blocker, cheap and useful, it allows you to block your webcam when you don’t use it, protecting your privacy.



All the promotional articles that we put into this Top 5 of 2021 are customizable with your logo and are available in many different materials and colors.
If next year you want to surprise your clients and employees with trending promotional gadgets, contact us! Our team will support you to find the best solution for your brand.





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