Promotional gadgets: not simply objects, but marketing tools that leave the mark

Perché regalare gadget promozionali a clienti e dipendenti?

Why, in an era where everything revolves around the digital world, is it still useful and effective to give customers and employees promotional gadgets? To answer this question is necessary to consider the promotional merchandising not only objects set but as a very strong tool that can cause emotions and activate specific cognitive processes into who receives them.


Sure enough, there are many reasons because the corporates should gift to their customers and employees promotional articles and customize them with their logo. Let’s see together the most relevant ones.


Gift a promotional gadget to your employees and customers will feel them important, special, and unique. These positive sensations will influence the opinion of your brand and support the memory of your corporate.


When customers and employees receive a customizable promotional article, the so-called reciprocity principle is triggered, so unconscious they are motivated to return a favor. This, many times, consists of the customers purchasing or by word of mouth, which will allow you to increase the knowledge of your brand.


Indeed, if you decide to gift promotional gadgets during a fire or an event, you ensure that those who receive them can begin to familiarize themselves and get to know your brand better. But not only: the promotional articles that are customizable with your logo are a very strong tool that allows you to support the fidelity process of customers and employees because gift them a promotional gadget means thanks and grateful them. Sure, the choice of promotional gadgets must not be random and banal but, on the contrary, must be well thought out and design ad hoc, in line with your values ​​and with your brand identity.


For this reason, ColumbusPromo offers merchandising solutions tailored-made, perfect to satisfy your needs, that are all customizable with your logo and with original graphics, that will make your promotional articles. For us, any single product has an inestimable value, because we consider the gadgets such as important and efficacy communication and marketing tools for your corporate.


Moreover, with our exclusive @home service, we deliver your gadgets directly to your customers’ and employees’ homes.


If you want to know more about our products and services, contact us! Together we will find the best solution for you!





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