Watchword: sustainability! Here are the top 5 eco-friendly promotional gadgets that are most trendy at the moment

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It’s sure the environmental sustainability and awareness dominate the promotional merchandising world during 2022. So we have added more original and cool gadgets into the eco-friendly section. Let’s see together!



1. Promotional jute ball, an original eco-friendly gadget with charming style is available in different models such as beach volleyball, soccer ball, or rugby ball. A promotional product is customizable with a logo and perfect to enjoy with friends at the park or beach during spring and summer.


2. Customizable cooler ideal to use during the warm summer nights, because it allows maintaining fresh a good wine bottle. Original and excellent, this gadget is made with innovative materials: mycelium and locally sourced hemp waste. Mycelium is one of the most eco-friendly materials because it is the vegetal part of the fungus and it’s biodegradable.


3. Customizable soluble shopper: an evergreen between the promotional gadgets this shopper is customizable with a logo and it’s very appreciated. From today this gadget change its nature and became a soluble shopper. Yes, you understand right: this is a promotional shopper made in Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) and natural gasses that you put into warm water this dissolves in a few seconds. It’s most sustainable!
A valid alternative is a customizable shopper with a logo made of juco, a particular fiber obtain with the met between the cotton and the jute that guarantee a very eco-friendly and resistant shopper.


4. Promotional beauty case: must-have during the travel and more appreciated if it is made with eco-friendly materials, this beauty case is uniques. It’s made in Italy and is made of 41% apple waste and 59% PU and is customizable with your logo.


5. Sun cream customizable with logo: it’s the perfect gadget to gift on the occasion of summer holidays. Totaly eco-friendly these sun creams are made without microplastics and they are 100% safe for marine life. These are available in different packaging such as the most original can that is perfect to customize with your logo and perfect to carry with you always.



The eco-friendly proposes not to finish here! Visiting the specific section on your website and discover all customizable eco-friendly products, and for more information, contact us! Our team supports us during environmentally sustainable promotional merchandising that is more in line with your needs.





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