Energy savings day: here are the solar energy promotional articles that are perfect for green corporate gifts

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Today, 18th February, we celebrated the energy savings day, and ColumbusPromo, always attentive to the environment and at the forefront in the fight against waste, selected for you the most original and appreciated promotional gadgets for customers and employees, and perfect for a green corporate gift.
Let’s see them together.


  • Bluetooth earphones with charge solar panel integrated on the cover, useful for work calls, and perfect for an eco-friendly corporate gift.


  • For bike lovers, the perfect promotional gadget to celebrate the best energy savings day is the bicycle light customizable with your logo. It’s waterproof and has an efficient solar panel that allows you to have the battery always charge.


  • Bamboo power bank with solar panel integrated allowing you to charge your device with solar light. It’s customizable with your logo, and it’s the eco-friendly gadget par excellence perfect to carry with you always or to have on your office desk.


  • One of the most appreciated gadgets for employees is the PC backpack customizable with your corporate logo. This backpack has a removable solar panel that allows you to charge your devices during your trips. Capacious and perfect for different purposes it’s a must-have for all people to alternate remote workdays with office days.


The eco-friendly promotional articles to gift to your customers and employees are endless. If you choose our team you can select eco-friendly products in line with your brand identity. Contact us, and together we will find the best solution for your needs.





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