The top10 summer gadgets: discover all the trendy promotional articles for summer 2021

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Summer is coming and this year will have a different flavor: desire to travel, to take a break, and enjoy a little bit of relaxation to the sea or mountain, away from all the thoughts that have accompanied us in this long year. This will be a real new start and for this reason, you don’t be unprepared.
To surprise and make your customers happy, you need to select the right promotional gadgets to better enjoy summer 2021.


ColumbusPromo has selected for you the 10 trendy promotional articles for summer 2021. Let’s see it together!


1.Sea towel-free mat. An original idea and very useful to stretch out on the beach without preoccupations: it’s made with a particular material that allows you to don’t worry about the mat, because you can remove it very easily.


2.Eco-friendly shopper. It is made in R-PET and it has a frontal pocket with a zip, a cooling space into the bottom that is perfect for maintaining cool foods and beverages, and long handles that make it very handy.


3.Trekking backpack. It’s strong and has a sporty design, this promotional backpack is perfect for all your customers that are mountain lovers. It has a waterproof case and many large pockets. It is available in different colors and customizable with a logo.


4.Sea and mountain kit. It’s handy and useful to carry with you when you go to the mountain or sea. It’s characterized by a customizable transparent pochette, a custom solar cream, and a UV check bracelet that allows you to detect UV rays and protect your skin.


5.Lunch box. It’s perfect for a snack on the beach or for a picnic, the promotional lunch box is the gadget that you must always carry with you during the holiday. It has handles that allow you to easily carry it with you, it maintains the food cool for a long time thanks to its airtight lid.


6.Waterproof wireless speaker. The waterproof wireless speaker is the perfect gadget to gift happiness during holidays. Thanks to its particular cover, it’s resistant to squirts of water and it’s perfect for listening to music on the seashore or the poolside.


7.Flip-flops customized on all surfaces. An evergreen between summer gadgets, the promotional flip-flops are the perfect gift for your customers.


8.Gardening set. Ideal for all green lovers that used the summer season to dedicate their hobby. The handy green bag is composite: gloves, shear, some grow tools, water vaporizer, and a ball of string.


9.Waterproof bum bag. This promotional bum bag is the most desiderate gadget for all people that loved walking on the seashore. It’s very capacious and it’s perfect to put back your smartphone and other objects. It’s made in satin PVC and it allows you to use your device without taking it out of the bum bag.


10.Pic-nic kit. It’s ideal for two people. This promotional pic-nic kit is made with a wicker basket with cutlery, bottle opener, water glasses, napkins, and a handy towel to put on the floor. Certainly, it will be appreciated by those who love spending time outdoors while eating a sandwich or during a summer grill.


These are only a few of the purposes of the 2021 summer gadget. If you want to discover all our promotional summer articles, contact us! If you choose our team you select the best summer gadget for your customers and customize it with original and charming graphics that can respect your brand identity.


With the exclusive @home service, we deliver your merchandising where you desire. What are you waiting for? The 2021 summer is coming! Contact us!





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