Ecological gadgets 2021? Here are the 5 best sellers

Gadget eco-friendly personalizzabili con logo bottiglia termica personalizzabile con logo gadget promozionali piantina personalizzabile Notebook ecosostenibile promozionale Shopper ecologica personalizzabile con logo Porta pranzo eco-friendly personalizzabile con logo

Even in the world of merchandising, more and more people are choosing eco-sustainable gadgets. This is why we have prepared for you the selection of the best-selling ecological gadgets in 2021.


Let’s see them together.


Let’s start with the most requested: the customizable thermal bottle. This promotional product manages to combine functionality and trend. Many companies give away thermal bottles to their customers and employees. We can offer you many models, which you can find in the dedicated section.


In the second place, we find eco-sustainable notebooks. A classic but always very popular product. Promotional notebooks are available in many materials (such as bamboo, cork, recycled paper) and templates.


In the third place, we find the ecological promotional shoppers. A gadget that is always in great demand and suitable for various needs. The most requested are those in R pet and organic cotton.


In fourth place, we find the lunch boxes, increasingly used. We can offer you many models, which you can find in the dedicated section. 


We conclude our ranking with the promotional plants. Terracotta jars with the seeds of the desired plants, packaged in a customizable box with a logo. The possibilities are many: aromatic plants, sunflowers, poppies, and much more.


If you are interested and want to create an eco-friendly promotional product, contact us: together we will find the best solution for your brand.





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