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4th of February is the world day against cancer, and we know how many preventions and the scientific search are fundamental to fight this sick.

For this reason, is very important to support the association that operates in this area.


Today we talk about the My Everest association that you can support to purchase your promotional articles with the ColumbusPromo initiative: “Give me five”.


The association “My Everest” is the reference point for the pancreas tumor patients because it provides information on the disease with particular attention to clinical trials, new therapies, and prevention and supporting scientific research projects through fundraising.


If you choose ColumbusPromo, your corporate can actively contribute to this problem thanks to the “Give me five” initiative: at the first, you selected the product, and then if you decide to donate equal to 5% of the order value, ColumbusPromo will donate an additional 5%, together with 10% of the order value.


This allows you to combine the search of promotional articles with an important social corporate responsibility initiative. If you want we can support you in the communication of this project through the customizable cardboard label with your logo and the association logo to attach to every promotional article. This initiative will be appreciated by your customers and employees.

If you are interested, contact us at





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