Christmas gifts

Red Beanie personalized

If you still haven’t chosen the Christmas gifts for your customers, don’t worry: with ColumbusPromo is not too late for super customized solutions!

Some examples?

For cold sensitive people, you may choose soft personalized fleece or beanies of all types.

For those who love fashion, there are thermos and thermal cups, customizable and with attractive designs.

To play it safe, you may focus on customizable diaries or innovative kits that contain notes, usb sticks and power banks.

For a cheap but high-perceived solution, you may choose the new two-in-one cables, very small and perfect for all types of devices.

If you’re looking for a fun gift, there are the wooden puzzle sets, packed in elegant customizable boxes.

If you’re looking for a useful gift, you may opt for our exclusive promotional pens, designed ad hoc for your brand.

These and many other solutions…just hurry up: Christmas is coming!