Leather merchandising

Leather Merchandising

Our accessories say a lot about us. We can distinguish a person’s taste from small details. ColumbusPromo really cares about this concept.

For this reason the materials can make the difference, sharing our style and personality. 

Out of these materials, leather is the most elegant par excellence. Therefore, for company gifts and merchandising of quality, products in leather are a perfect choice.

There are many advantages of such a choice. Above all the elegance and refinement of these articles distinguishes them from classical merchandising. These leather products are extremely versatile and easily adaptable to your corporate identity.

For an important gift, we can realize a kit of leather products, usefull and stylesh.

In the photogallery you can see agenda, document holder as well as many other items.

The competence and creativity of our team guarantees that your products will be appreciated by the people who receive them, who can use them with pleausure for every daily need.