Ghisallo Cycling Museum


When the Madonna del Ghisallo Cycling Museum reopened, the curators wanted to create and sell merchandising products. They wanted products that could speak of the Museum’s historical and emotional value and its national and international symbolic importance.


Cycling enthusiasts and tourists worldwide know about the Ghisallo climb. So we decided to make it a brand name.


Our creative team, which was inspired by a combination of past and present, designed a new logo. We chose a typically retro colour like brown with soft lines for the main typeface. Combining the word “Cycling Museum” with a modern typeface and the English language emphasises its importance internationally.


During the product’s design phase, we were inspired by the route of the great cycling competitions and the cycling heroes’ fatigue-wet t-shirts.


Starting from these concepts, we selected a series of elements to characterise Ghisallo products: vintage colours, the route’s altimetry, the tricolour and historical photos. These are key points that our team has analysed to produce a series of dedicated items.


Adult T-shirt: a decidedly vintage-looking cream-coloured cotton T-shirt, with a black and white historical print, with an upper edge, which represents the route’s altimetry.


Children’s T-shirt: a white cotton t-shirt decorated with three coloured bicycles similar to a child’s drawing.


Tubular bandanas: a bandana in white and brown, personalised with the route’s altimetry.


Keyring: a key ring enriched with two precious cloisonné metal charms, one representing the Italian flag and the other with the Ghisallo logo.


Magnets: a magnet decorated with charming historical photos, superimposed with the silhouette of the route’s altimetry in the colours of the Italian flag.


Shopping bag: a neutral-coloured organic cotton shopping bag customised with a historical photo.


Stickers: for this category, we have created two types of products. The first has the Ghisallo logo, and the other is in the shape of a pennant.


Pen: clip-on pen characterised by shiny and matt materials. White with brown elements, a perfect union between past and present.


Cycling cap: a product that best describes the passion for cycling. This traditional brown and dark grey canvas cap has the silhouette of the famous altimetry in the tricolour colours climbing its crown.